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Thank you so much for joining me at Jenelle Cobb’s Leadership Conference! It was such a pleasure for me to share some of my views on leadership and a in depth discussion about success. As I mentioned in my conversation with Jenelle, I am sending you a copy of CHAPTER 4 all about defining success for yourself!

The chapter is titled “Winning the Game: Defining Success for Yourself,” from my #1 Amazon Best-Seller – Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams.

Inside of this chapter, you will find:

  • What it means to define success
  • How to define what success means to YOU
  • The process to create the changes to make your vision of success a reality

Defining and creating success for yourself requires your active participation. Don’t worry – I’ll be helping guide you through the entire process and I will share ideas, vision building stories, and specific action steps to get you right where you want to be.

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