Problems We Solve

We know from our consultants combined experience that many of the issues organizations face are the result of challenges in these four critical areas:

3C Problems we solveLeadership can be isolating. We say this because we hear it from our clients all the time. The higher they rise in their organizations the less feedback and connection they sometimes feel. We know that succeeding in General Management and C-Suite positions can be challenging without the right preparation and support. Our custom-designed executive development programs help clients achieve their strategic objectives and excel in the marketplace.

We partner with our clients to strategically invest in executive development efforts that provide the maximum return to the organization and the executive. We know that our clients executive talent is a key competitive advantage and we are delighted to help you fully realize their potential. We know that to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and to create a lasting legacy of meaning and contribution at the executive level a customized approach is key. In addition to our two signature executive development experiences, we offer customized group executive development programing covering a wide variety of topics including:

• Fundamentals of Business Strategies
• Strategy Development and Assessment
• Long-term Strategic Planning and Execution
• Managing the Factors that Shape Group Behavior
• The Relationship between Individual Behavior and Organizational Performance
• Organizational Decision Making and Negotiations

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3C Problems we solveIn the 21st Century business and those who lead them are constantly being challenged. Most have learned that the only constant in business is change, however leading and managing change has arguably become even more challenging today. Increased competition, global complexity and a significant change in the demographic of the workforce are requiring leaders at all levels to increase their capacity and capability to lead.

We understand the challenges of leadership and provide our clients with:

▪ Innovative content that drives business impact
▪ Leadership development programing designed to meet the needs of leaders at all levels in your organization
▪ A systems approach designed to ensure that your work process and culture are aligned
▪ A sustainable development process designed to drive business results
▪ Customized leadership development solutions

We believe that leadership development is about actually developing the leaders capacity and capability to lead regardless of their job title. Our experience has shown us that developing leaders requires programing designed to change behavior and to meet the needs of the ever changing environment in which leadership happens. Gone are the days of a classroom training designed to transfer skill. Developing leaders means just that providing development experience designed to grow and stretch your leaders capacity to lead in lasting ways.

To that end, in addition to several customized leadership development programs that cover a wide range of topics designed to increase a leaders ability to lead the organization, themselves and others including:

▪ Managing Change
▪ Risk Management
▪ Setting Strategic Direction
▪ Executive Presence
▪ Effective Communication
▪ Creating High Energy Relationships

and much much more!

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3C Problems we solveStrategic planning is at the heart of success for most organizations. As the saying goes "if you fail to plan you plan to fail!" We believe that if your plan fails to be strategic and designed with your specific end goals in mind you may miss your target.

We help our clients set the strategic direction for their future developing business strategies designed to support the organization’s mission, as well as the desired work environment and company culture.

We guide our clients through the formulation, implementation and sustainability of strategic planning initiatives. Our process includes a deep dive into your organization’s culture and business so we can identify your needs. We understand that without a strong culture your strategy will die on the implementation vine. During the Strategic Planning Process we lead you to:

• Review your existing operations
• Develop a vision for the future
• Evaluate your internal and external market position
• Identify current best approaches (internal and external)
• Develop strategic objectives
• Define implementation challenges and design execution strategies to address these challenges
• Determine budgetary impacts and develop sustainable financial implementation plans

Once your plan is complete we do not walk away. Our team then coaches your team through the implementation process.

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3C Problems we solveAre you looking to empower your organization to manage the ever changing demands of your business quickly? We believe that one of the best ways to create a long-term sustainable solution to enable change and drive peak performance is developing internal coach capability in your organization. The challenge with change is this: for those impacted by change it creates a loss of control which can create both fear and resistance. Creating an internal coaching team can support your organization in moving beyond the fear and resistance and embrace change at an exponential rate while enhancing individual and team performance. To that end, we have created an internal coach certification program designed to support your organization in creating an internal coaching team empowered to support your ever changing business.

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