3C Consulting Strategy Session

Strategy Conference

Our holistic planning approach always includes strategy conferences where we bring your entire strategic planning team together to focus on the critical components of strategic planning including your mission, vision, values, stakeholder and market analysis, defining your goals, strategies, measures and rewards. Typically we conduct 3 or 4 two-day planning sessions in as short as 60-90 days and as long as six to nine months based on your planning needs.

We know that the full commitment and involvement of your senior leadership team and your strategic planning team are critical for the ongoing success of both the planning process and the successful implementation of your plan. We always recommend that your planning team represent the diversity of your organization, it typically helps with early adoption and support of your go-forward plans and initiatives.

Strategy Summit

Strategic planning can be used for more than just your firm’s overarching plan. Our Strategy Summit process is designed to get your team focused around a critical issue and create a plan designed to exceed your objectives. We will partner with your planning team to create an engaging experience that leaves your team excited to take action.

With a focus on your mission critical priorities we help you leverage the full range of your capabilities and capacity to exceed your expectations. Our holistic approach helps to ensure that the culture and people issues that are often not fully considered in initiative planning are fully incorporated into your planning process.

To schedule either a Strategy Conference or Strategy Summit for your organization please email us or call today at 877-853-5340.