Empowered Leadership Coach™ Certification Program

3C Consulting Empowered Program Executive Leadership DevelopmentThe Empowered Leadership Coach™ Certification Program is designed to enable human resource professionals and other internal coaches to support the implementation of our Empowered Leadership methodology and the development of a coaching culture in your organization. Our program is designed to support you by training and certifying your internal coaches, and help you develop a coaching community of practice in your organization.

Our program is tailored to support coaching around our Empowered Leadership model in addition to the coaching core competencies. Upon successful completion of the training your internal coaches will be certified in our process and have the hours necessary to apply for the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential. During the program participants will work on at least one company sponsored workplace challenge. These coaching projects provide your internal coaches with the opportunity to apply the coaching concepts to actual business situations, activate their learning with ongoing support, and test your strategy for infusing coaching into your organization.

The Empowered Leadership Coach Training Program is typically delivered in a module format in person for several three day sessions. Depending on your organizations needs, we have the ability to deliver the training in a virtual and in-person hybrid program.

Groups of 7 or more qualify for a corporate discount.


In addition to understanding the Empowered Leadership Coach™ Model, your coaches will have the unique opportunity to invest in their personal development: expanding their capacity for performance excellence. In addition, participants leave understanding the ongoing process and intimate nature of the coaching relationship.

Your internal coaches will develop their personal coaching style. During the first phase of training they will learn the fundamentals of coaching as well as the challenges of bringing coaching to their team or department. We will cover several topics including:

• Creating a coaching culture in your organization
• Driving solutions for your company through coaching (starting with their program project)
• Opportunities and Challenges of Internal v. External Coaching
• Coaching Core Competencies
• Assessments and Coaching
• Performance Issues and Coaching
• Confidentiality and Internal Coaching
• Coaching and Personal Style

In addition to learning these fundamentals your internal coaches will begin the process of establishing a coaching community of practice designed to serve as an incubator of collaboration and support for your coaching initiative.


This program is designed to include a diverse cross section of your organization including all levels and all functions of the company. Together, we work with our clients to help develop participant criteria for the program to ensure that your coaching program goals are achieved and participants are rewarded for their leadership and participation.