Life Design Masterclass

Welcome Aspiring Life Designers!

Join me, Cornelia Shipley, in my Master Class:

Designed for Leaders ready to Live the life they design!

Dear Aspiring Life Designer,

This is an “easy read”, because I think you’ll agree it’s really very simple.

What you want & require (but haven’t yet mastered) is:

A system for creating what you want in your life consistently.

The solution:

Learning to Design Your Life

If you are ready to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life and live without lack or limitation, it is time for you to design your life.

A Designed Life is:

a way of living that enables you to live in alignment with your values and create what you want to do, be and have in every area of life. It is a constant drive to improve your ability to manifest what you want when you want it and take designed action on your ideas to achieve your goals.

Join today for $997 or choose 2 payments of $597!

By accepting my invitation to join “The Life Design Master Class”

YOU will receive ALL of the following:

  • 9 Recorded Modules with me, while personally walk you through exactly how to design your life (Value $2997.00)
  • Lifetime access to all 9 Modules. These recordings are meant for repeated listening & review. (Value $1297.00)
  • Your unique profile and full access to my “The Design Your Life Private Facebook Community” so that you can strategize, share resources, joint venture and get all the help you need to immediately improve your financial reality. You will be able to share with alums from other programs and get meaningful perspective from those living their designed life as well as those on the path (Priceless)


BONUS #1: Overview of the 7 Laws Governing Success

Overview of the 7 Laws. This overview will give you a clear and concise description of each Law, so you can begin to understand how each law affects your results when used effectively.

BONUS #2: Quick Guide to Manifest Anything

This guide leads you step by step through a process designed to bring you in alignment with the law and help you achieve your goals and exceed your own expectations.

BONUS #3: Electronic Copy of Design Your Life Book and Workbook

That’s right, we will send you the electronic version of both the book and workbook when you register so you can begin to do the work of designing your life. For much of my life, I felt like I was living someone else’s design for my life … which is exactly why I’m so passionate about teaching YOU the Strategies I used to change my life!

Join today for $997 or choose 2 payments of $597!

For over a decade now, I have had the privilege of working with leaders like you who are meant to do great things in this world…people who are meant to experience life the way they design but, like me, something is keeping them stuck. So many people stay trapped in their pattern of delay whether it be a limiting belief, procrastination, tolerations or some other form of self-sabotage, when they were destined to live the life they design.

You can be the architect of your existence!

Are you ready to join me in this Master Class?

Here’s What You Can Expect to Learn:

Module 1

Master Your Relationships

Your life is built on relationships. First and foremost, the relationship you have with yourself followed by the relationships you have with those in your world. In this session, you will learn the art of caring for yourself and nurturing the relationships in your life to create the influence needed for your long-term success.

Module 2

Master Your Career

There is a great saying, “If you do what you love, it is never called work.” Whether you have chosen the path of the entrepreneur or you have chosen to lead in someone else’s organization; it is your career and you need to claim it. In this session, I will be discussing the actions necessary for you to create the career of your dreams regardless of your chosen path.

Module 3

Master Your Money

Mastering your money requires that you first understand your money mindset. In this session we will be taking a deep dive around your own Money story and how it impacts your ability to create the financial abundance you desire.

Module 4

Master Your Manifestation

You are a master at manifestation. How do I know? You have created everything you have in your life. For some this is great news, for others… not so much. In this session, I will be walking you through exactly how you created what you have so you can either create more or something even better for your future.

Module 5

Master Your Vision

This session is about clarifying your vision for your designed life. In my work I find so many people are unwilling to give themselves permission to want what they want. What you want directs you to your life’s design. We will give you the tools to understand if your desires are your own or others and help you determine if your beliefs support or hinder you from taking designed action.

Module 6

Master Your Personal Brand

Every Life Designer has a unique brand that supports everything they do. No this is not about creating a personal branding statement, this is about establishing your reputation in the marketplace so that you are can love in the world in ways that support your life’s design.

Module 7

Master Your Multiple Income Streams

Tom Corley, author of “Rich Habits”, studied the habits of millionaires during a five-year study of the rich and poor. Here’s what he found as it pertains to most self-made millionaires and their income streams:

  • 65% of self-made millionaires had three streams of income.
  • 45% of self-made millionaires had four streams of income.
  • 29% of self-made millionaires had five or more streams of income.

In this session we will discuss creating multiple streams of income and how to create leverage in your life’s design.

Module 8

Master Your Productivity

So many people I work with struggle to maximize their own personal productivity. In this session I will share my best strategies for staying productive and taking designed action – the actions necessary to get your desired outcomes.

Module 9

Master Your Legacy

Part of living a designed life means having a clear intention for the legacy you will leave behind. In this session we will discuss defining and establishing your legacy. It is your opportunity to determine the impact you have on generations to come. Your life and legacy matter. Only you can decide if you will leave one.

This Program is for you IF:

  • You feel like you need a vacation from your life.
  • You’re constantly putting out fires.
  • You feel like you are in a soul-sucking job
  • You feel like your company or business owns you.
  • You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and under supported.
  • You have a difficult time getting yourself to do what you KNOW you need to do.
  • You feel disappointed by what you have accomplished in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I’m a visual learner. Will there be print materials available for me?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! We have created a companion guide with exercises you will be doing during the training and some you will be doing on your own.

Question: Will there be an opportunity to get my questions directly answered by Cornelia?

Answer: 100% YES! I will be answering your questions directly in the Design Your Life Private Facebook Group which you have lifetime access to. #priceless

Your life comes down to one thing… CHOICE. Will you choose to join me in the Life Design Master Class?

It would be my absolute pleasure to help you create the life you design.

(Yes, it is possible to gift this Program just email and we will help you “pay-it-forward”)

Cornelia Shipley 3C Consulting

About 3C Consulting
This program is presented by 3C Consulting, a premier source for strategy consulting, and executive and leadership development solutions, supporting clients including industry leaders such as Procter and Gamble, Lockheed Martin, Turner Broadcasting, and HP to name a few. Our clients continue to partner with us because we know that what matters most is a designed approach to unlock leaders’ innate confidence and knowledge to take designed action that will ultimately lead them to their drive bottom line results.

The Lead Facilitator for the Life Design Master Class is our CEO Cornelia Shipley. Cornelia has over 20 years experience enhancing the leadership and performance of senior executives across business and industry.