Client Impact

Case Study: Executive Leadership Development

3C Consulting Executive Leadership Case StudyThe Challenge
The Senior Director of a customer service department was experiencing high turnover in her call center, dissent from several of her managers and supervisors and was personally dealing with some perception issues – her reputation as a promising leader was diminishing quickly. Call center performance had slipped considerably. She needed to find her footing as a leader and solidify her place as a problem solver and innovator. Her team required more flexible leadership, and the organization required cross-functional leadership and the ability to influence others.

Our Solution
The Senior Director of a customer service department was experiencing high turnover in her call center, descent from several of her managers and supervisors and was personally dealing with some perception issues – her reputation as a promising leader was diminishing quickly. Call center performance had slipped considerably. She needed to find her footing as a leader and solidify her place as a problem solver and innovator. Her team required more flexible leadership, and the organization required cross-functional leadership and the ability to influence others.

Their Success Results
• Overall Customer Service Rating increased by 30%
• Team Employee Turnover decreased by 20%
• 70% decrease in manager and supervisor conflict
• Senior Leader’s was positioned for long term success
• 100% retention of all managers and supervisors
• Employee job satisfaction increased 20%

Case Study: Improved Team Dynamics

3C Consulting Case Study Team DynamicsThe Challenge
Recently promoted high-potential leader on the “fast track” hit a potential career snag while managing a challenging team. To keep this employee on their career trajectory, enhancing both the perception of their performance and their team‘s results would be critical. In addition, the team needed to hit a 10% sales growth rate for the current fiscal year and was under extreme market pressure.

Our Solution
We worked one-on-one with the leader to craft and execute their plan to effectively manage a potentially career ending false accusation from a poor performing employee while leading a team challenged with poor performance. We worked to empower this leader to find their voice, inspire their team, set clear expectations, and exceed expectations while addressing their accusations with integrity and honesty. As part of our Executive Impact Program we leveraged feedback, triad coaching, team and group coaching, and our unique strategic planning process to support the teams turn around.

Their Success Results
• Team‘s satisfaction survey results increased by 20%
• Team‘s sales results increased by 15%
• Team leader was promoted to Senior Director six months ahead of schedule
• Investigation resolved without any disciplinary action or regrettable turn
• Team increased their product market share by 10%
• Team was nominated for annual sales recognition

Case Study: Crafting A Sustainable Future

3C Case Study Sustainable FutureThe Challenge
A Charter School System was facing significant challenges, both organizationally and academically. Issues included union organizing attempts, the departure of the Founding CEO and the loss of several key leaders. The new leadership team wanted to onboard quickly, retain the successful elements of their culture, improve employee relations, and improve academic performance.

Our Solution
We worked with this client over the course of a two year transition period. Initially we worked with the leadership team of the high school to address their employee engagement and employee relations issues which were creating rumors of union organizing. Leveraging two innovative group meeting methodologies we created an opportunity for all staff to air their issues and worked with a small team to develop and execute a new employee relations strategic plan. As that engagement was coming to an end we supported the new CEO and his direct reports in establishing a strategic planning process – the first of its’ kind for the school. We created processes for the school to assess stakeholders and measure success with both leading and lagging measures to insure annual academic performance targets would be met.

Their Success Results
• Maintained a direct relationship with all employees (avoided a union vote)
• Established a system wide Mission, Vision and Values statement
Increased academic performance as measured by GPA and standardized test by 10%
• Created a plan to implement National Common Core with no education disruption

Case Study: Engagement & Empowerment

3C Consulting Case Study Engagement & EmpowermentThe Challenge
A Fortune 500 Company was facing retention challenges across all employee affinity groups. There was a need to enhance specific skills, including individual executive presence, influence and communication, that would empower the talent pipeline to take a leadership role in their career. In the wake of layoffs occurring, the company needed to insure that their high-potential and critical-to-retain employees did not disengage during these uncertain times.

Our Solution
After meeting with several stakeholders in the company to understand the commonalities of the affinity groups, we outlined a two year strategy designed to provide specific skill training to enhance employee effectiveness and increase retention of critical-to-retain employees. We began by working with the top 150 affinity group leaders in an intensive development experience focused on personal branding. We then followed up with a series of quarterly seminars designed to support employees in everything from executive presence and sponsorship and advocacy to strategic planning for their careers. On an as needed basis we provided additional executive coaching support to ensure ongoing promotion and retention of critical-to-retain employees.

Their Success Results
100% retention of critical-to-retain and high potential employees
100% promotion of succession plan talent
35% increase in affinity group engagement
• More than 75% of the program participants reported better communication between them and their managers, increased satisfaction in their career and increased ability to discuss bottom line business impact of their role which led to an increase in both performance rating and individual compensation
• More than 80% of the program participants attributed their promotion to things they learned during our program

Testimonials from previous clients
  • Bishop Pulliam

    When the opportunity arose for me to work with 3C Consulting through the Spiritual Leadership Development Intensive, I knew it would be well worth the investment. The personal coaching calls have been extremely beneficial in many ways. Personally, I've identified a number of areas that I need to improve on. In particular. learning to maximize my productivity at the right time for me has been huge. For the ministry we have become much more focused and engaged in the vision of the ministry which has increased our ability to serve more effectively and efficiently. The virtual intensives have been incredibly helpful. The ability to listen to the challenges and excitement of other pastors and leaders has been just extremely rewarding. Being able listen to what others are facing and how they are overcoming those challenges. Cornelia and Ron's knowledge, expertise and professionalism have been exceptional. Not everyone can work with Pastors and hold their own. They have merged knowledge. experience and skill almost seamlessly in an effort to minister to those who minister and that is not an easy task. Truthfully. I was a bit concerned about the cost, as it was not in my budget. However, I've learned if I can't invest in myself. I should not expect anyone else to invest in me. This investment has been will worth it. I have already seen dividends.

    Bishop Jonathon Pulliam
  • April Bristow

    I decided to hire a consultant to invest in myself and my ministry team for several reasons. First, I wanted to work with a coach who had extensive and broad knowledge in what they taught as well as the ability to translate that knowledge into a ministry setting. Second, I wanted an experience where my team and I could take our plans to the next strategic level. Third, I was as interested in learning about what we could STOP doing as a ministry team and the things we needed to START doing. As a result of working with Cornelia and her team, we have implemented a clear strategy that maintains a high standard of care for our congregation while establishing meaningful boundaries for my ministry team, without us burning out! The results that we have received from my team is opening up possibilities for working with Cornelia in other ministry areas in our large membership church. The biggest insight for me has been the fruit that we continue to bear even after our time with Cornelia. We are able to continue to dream and refine our process of working while improving our communication in ways we did not before our time with Cornelia. Any pastor or ministry leader who is seriously committed to reaching the next level God is calling them to would benefit from working with Cornelia. She is spiritually grounded, compassionate and really cares about your ministry thriving. We have been given keys to the kingdom, with Cornelia's help we are using our tools more effectively!

    Rev. April Johnson Bristow
  • Bishop James Chapman

    Greetings in the Matchless Name of Jesus! I am elated to share how grateful we are. to the Lord. for the enormous support that you and your team have provided through the Spiritual Leadership Development Intensive. We prayerfully arrived at the decision to make the financial investment and participate in the training. after discovering that innovative tools and a fresh perspective were needed. to help us to fulfill the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus. (Matthew 28:19 & Acts 2:38). Creating our team and discovering where to begin was challenging, however, following your guide, helped us to effectively navigate through these preliminary stages. In addition, you encouraged engaging our shareholders, what a brilliant step! During this stage, we discovered the areas of impact within our ministry, as well as areas that require growth. Following your guide to shareholder participation compelled us to realign our church's mission and vision statements. Through the discoveries found in the these reports, we were able to answer the question, "where are we, compared to where we want to be?" As a result of this discovery, we shifted our attention to four critical areas: Program Development. Discipleship. Financial Viability and Experience. We are learning so much! We couldn't be happier with the reinforcement that your training sessions and coaching tools have provided. We are progressing forward with clarity and the beauty of this written plan. Again, thank you so very much. We greatly appreciate the SLDI Team.

    Bishop James Chapman
  • 3C Consulting Executive Coaching Testimonial

    “...your groups were most vocal and positive about how the groups are run to create maximum value. Well done!!"

  • 3C Consulting Testimonial Executive Coaching

    "Coaching (with Cornelia) has opened my mind to exploring the answers to a set of questions about who I am as a leader and how I affect others."

  • 3C Consulting Testimonial

    "I increased my income 100% within 3 months of working with Cornelia…She’s the best!

  • 3C Consulting Testimonial

    "Cornelia is a highly aware and savvy coach...was always able to offer insights and perspectives that were tremendously helpful...gained a lot of great insight....You Rock!”

  • "Their holistic approach to strategic planning helped us unearth issues we need to address systemically to ensure the long-term health and viability of our organization."